Test Code 80257M 
Methodology Includes 2 - banded karyotypes, analysis of 20 or more metaphases whenever possible, and other techniques when required. 
Description This test is useful for the prenatal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities (trisomies, deletion, translocations, etc.) at about 9 - 12 weeks of gestation.

NOTE: This test, when ordered on Medicare patients, is subject to the CMS Medicare Coverage Issues Manual (MCIM) Diagnostic Services policy "Cytogenetic Studies". Please verify that the diagnosis code (ICD-9) you have chosen demonstrates medical necessity for the test as documented in the physician's patient record. The CMS web site or the NorDx Limited Coverage Documentation Guide are available to assist you with this verification. A properly executed Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) must be submitted with the specimen if medical necessity is not demonstrated by the ICD-9 code chosen. 

Specimen Please provide a reason for referral with each specimen by completing a "Cytogenetics/AFP Congenital Disorders Request Form".

Obtain 20 mg (minimum: 5 mg) of chorionic villus specimen (CVS) by the transabdominal or transcervical method. Transfer the CVS to a Petri dish containing transport medium. Using a stereo microscope and sterile forceps, assess the quality and quantity of the villi and remove any blood clots. Transfer the CVS by using sterile technique to one or two 15-mL centrifuge tube(s) with 15 mL of transport medium. (Petri dishes and transport medium are supplied by NorDx.) Label the centrifuge tube(s) with patient's name and laboratory control number. Send specimen refrigerated. SPECIMEN CANNOT BE FROZEN. 

Reference Values 46,XX or 46,XY. No apparent chromosome abnormality. 
Analytic Time 6 - 12 Days 
Day(s) Test Set Up Monday through Sunday 
CPT Code(s) 88235  Amniotic culture
88267  Chorionic villus
88280  Additional karyotypes, each study
88291  Interpretation and report