COP / 1004750MC

Test Code COP / 1004750MC 
Methodology Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry 
Description Useful for testing for Wilson's disease and in monitoring the nutritional adequacy of parenteral or enteral nutrition. 
Specimen 1. Draw blood in a royal blue-top Monoject trace element
blood collection tube(s) with no additives.
2. Allow the specimen to clot for 30 minutes; then centrifuge
the specimen to separate serum from the cellular fraction.
3. Remove the stopper and carefully pour 1.0 mL (minimum: 0.5 mL) serum into a metal-free, screw-capped, polypropylene transfer vial. Avoid transfer of the cellular components of blood.
DO NOT insert a pipet into the serum to accomplish transfer, and DO NOT ream the specimen with a wooden stick to assist with serum transfer.
4. Send specimen refrigerated.
5. It is important that the specimen be obtained, processed,
and transported according to instructions in "Metals Analysis - Collection and Transport" in Special Instructions. 
Reference Values Male: 665 - 1480 mcg/mL
Female: 810 - 1990 mcg/mL 
Analytic Time 1 Day 
Day(s) Test Set Up Tuesday, Friday 
CPT Code(s) 82525