Test Code PROG 
Methodology Electrochemiluminescence Assay 
Description Useful for diagnosing and treating disorders of the ovaries or placenta; detecting if ovulation has occurred; monitoring some patients with adrenal and testicular tumors.

No sample should be collected on patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (i.e. biotin therapy for Multiple Sclerosis or oncology patients; skin, hair and nail supplements, or multivitamins containing > 5 mg/day) until at least 12 hours after the last biotin administration. If unsure, or if the clinical picture does not fit the results please contact the laboratory . We have methods to check for biotin interference as well as for any other interferences and for the accuracy of the results.

Biotin interference would falsely increase the result of this assay. 

Specimen Draw blood in either a plain, red-top tube or serum gel tube. Spin down and send 1.0 mL (minimum volume: 0.5 mL) of serum refrigerated. 
Reference Values Healthy women:

Follicular phase: 0.06 - 0.89 ng/mL
Ovulation: 0.12 - 12.0 ng/mL
Luteal phase: 1.83 - 23.9 ng/mL
Postmenopausal: <0.05 - 0.13 ng/mL

Healthy pregnant women:
1st Trimester: 11.0 - 44.3 ng/mL
2nd Trimester: 25.4 - 83.3 ng/mL
3rd Trimester: 58.7 - 214 ng/mL

Healthy men: < 0.05 - 0.15 ng/mL 

Analytic Time 1 Day 
Day(s) Test Set Up Monday through Sunday 
CPT Code(s) 84144