NTXSR / 140830L

Test Code NTXSR / 140830L 
Methodology Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) 
Description Useful for monitoring antiresorptive therapy with estrogen and calcium supplementation as well as drug therapy 
Specimen Draw blood into a plain red-top tube or serum gel tube. Serum must be separated from red cells or gel barrier immediately after clot formation and centrifugation. Transfer 0.5 mL (minimum 0.3 mL) of serum into a plastic transport tube. Send specimen refrigerated.

NOTE: For monitoring therapy, baseline specimens should be collected just prior to or on the day of therapy initiation. Subsequent specimens for comparison should be collected at approximately the same time of day as the baseline specimen. 

Reference Values Male: 5.4-24.2 nM BCE/L
Female: 6.2-19.0 nM BCE/L 
Analytic Time 1 - 2 Days 
Day(s) Test Set Up Wednesday and Friday 
CPT Code(s) 82523