CAPOC / 180-IG

Test Code CAPOC / 180-IG 
Methodology Chromosome Analysis (from live cells). 
Description Indications for cytogenetic analysis on POC include: history of more than two miscarriages, abnormalities on ultrasound prior to pregnancy loss, confirmation of abnormal prenatal results or pregnancy loss after IVF. Abnormal POC cytogenetic results may preclude the need for extensive infertility evaluation. The diagnosis of a chromosome abnormality may be important in the management of future pregnancies. 
Specimen Please Note: In the absence of Integrated Genetics tubes, use any sterile screw-top container with tissue culture medium, Hanks Balanced Salt Solution or Earls and add antibiotics: Penicillin/Streptomycin (100 IU/ml/100 µg/ml) or Gentamycin (50 µg/ml). If the Integrated Genetics media has expired, please ship the specimen in the expired media, as it is preferable to any other types of tissue culture media.

•Laboratory-provided screw-top tubes with sterile transport medium.
•3-4 mm POC specimen or 50-100 mg of each tissue.
•If possible, always include chorionic villi.
•Do not place in formalin.
Specimen Collection and Handling:

•Obtain POC’s using a sterile technique. Snip tissue using sterile scissors, etc. Cover specimen with sterile gauze to prevent contamination from airborne bacteria.
•Ship specimen in tube of Integrated Genetics media.
•POC’s often contain large numbers of bacteria, so for a short period it is fine to keep the specimen at room temperature. For overnight or longer, it is better to place the specimen in the refrigerator to keep the bacteria from overgrowing the specimen.
Preferred Specimen Types:

•Placenta – Tissue that contains chorionic villi (has 90% success rate)
•Umbilical Cord
•Skin – Take biopsy from under the arm or inner thigh. Avoid muscle, tendons or tough skin (such as heel). Sample size should be 3 mm minimum.
•Internal Organs – Liver, lung, kidney, thymus (have a 20% success rate)
•Whole Fetus – Please take a biopsy. Whole fetus samples are not accepted.
•Unacceptable Specimens – Specimens that have been fixed. We will not be able to culture cells as fixatives kill the cells. Common types of fixatives are formalin, formaldehyde and alcohol. Frozen specimens will not be able to be cultured as freezing kills the cells. 

Reference Values See Report 
Analytic Time 7 - 21 Days (average 10 days) 
Day(s) Test Set Up Monday through Saturday 
CPT Code(s) 88233  Tissue biopsy
88262  Chromosome analysis, POC
88291  Interpretation and report