HGHES / 500212E

Test Code HGHES / 500212E 
Methodology Double Antibody RIA 
Description Please order this test if patient is 16 years of age or younger. For adult patients order Growth Hormone, Serum (HGH). 
Specimen Draw blood in a plain red top or serum separator tube. Spin down within one hour and send 1.0 mL (minimum 0.4 mL) of serum FROZEN in a plastic screw-capped vial. 
Reference Values Reference Range:
Newborn (1 Day): 5-53 ng/mL.
Newborn (1 Week): 5-27 ng/mL.
Newborn (1-12 Months): 2-10 ng/mL.
Following an 8-12 hour overnight fast:
Children and Adults:

Response Testing (Children and Adults):
The assessment of GH secretory capacity is complicated because of the episodic nature of GH release from the pituitary. Basal GH levels can exhibit considerable variability throughout a 24-hour period, thus limiting their clinical utility. Alternatively, measurement of GH response to various stimuli has commonly been used to improve the diagnostic assessment of GH secretion. GH response to provocative stimuli among normal individuals, however, is highly variable. Response values greater than 10 ng/mL have historically been considered to reflect normal GH secretory function, while values below 10 ng/mL have been considered to indicate some degree of GH deficiency. However, it should be noted that this limit is arbitrarily derived. A significant percentage of normal controls exhibit response values well below this 10 ng/mL limit. The clinical research literature should be consulted for a more recent detailed review of the interpretation of GH response data. 
Analytic Time 2 to 4 Days 
Day(s) Test Set Up Monday through Saturday 
CPT Code(s) 83003