Test Code 80337M 
Methodology Ultraviolet, Enzymatic 
Description Useful for monitoring dietary therapy of patients with galactosemia and for evaluation of variants of galactosemia. 
Specimen Draw blood in a green-top (heparin) tube(s), and process 2.0 mL of
heparinized whole blood as follows:
1. Immediately centrifuge for 10 minutes at 2,000 rpm.
2. Discard the plasma and buffy coat layers.
3. Add a cold 0.9% saline solution to the erythrocytes (about
2 times the volume of erythrocytes).
4. Mix gently by inversion and centrifuge again for 10 minutes
at 2,000 rpm.
5. Remove and discard the saline.
6. Repeat the wash steps (3-5) 2 more times.
7. After the final centrifugation, remove and discard the saline and a
thin layer of the top cells.
8. Immediately freeze the washed, packed cells (red cell pellet from
step 7) and send specimen frozen in plastic vial. 
Reference Values <1.0 mg/dL (non-galactosemic)
1.0-4.0 mg/dL (galactosemic on galactose restricted diet)
>4.0 mg/dL (galactosemic on unrestricted diet) 
Analytic Time 1 Day 
Day(s) Test Set Up Tuesday 
CPT Code(s) 84378